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The BioBag MaxAir compost bucket is something slightly different to other options in my compost bucket buy guide.

It is also certainly the cheapest option, with one caveat which we will get to later. First lets take a look at the features of this innovative new release for biodegradable bags MaxAir compost bucket for sale at a crazy low price.

BioBag Maxair Composting Bucket Features

There is nothing too fancy about it but it does work well.


  • Ventilated bucket on all sides and top and bottom
  • Allows the matter in the bag to breathe so no odor
  • Rugged plastic design
  • Uses biodegradable bags

It works well and it is certainly very cheap so let’s take a closer look.


It is made of heavy duty plastic but because of all the ventilation it is very light. It should last for many years and it allows you to collect your scraps easily


Ah. Um.

Not the prettiest thing to put on the kitchen counter, it is certainly no Norpro compost keeper, that is for sure. But it has a hinged lid so it can be stored on a door in a cupboard for ease of use, and that is certainly where I would want it to be!


Odors are kept to a minimum because of the ventilation and the use of a  breathable bag, so you won’t be getting any nasty smells.


We need to buy replacement bags and we will probably need 1 or 2 a week. Personally for me this seems like a waste, even if they are biodegradable.

But as some have mentioned they like the fact that it the means that the compost bucket itself stays clean, everything goes in a bag in the bucket.


It has a flip up lid that stays open until you close it so adding your scraps is very easy.

It is small enough to go under the counter but can also be sited on top if you don’t mind the look of it.


Odors are non-existent thanks to the clever design of the bags and the bucket so this is not a problem.

BioBag MaxAir Compost Bucket Reviews

Reviews are positive for this item, the cheap BioBag Maxair compost bucket, for sale for the lowest price for a compost bucket. But we do need to buy the bags as well.

People love that it is not necessary to clean it as often as buckets that do not have bags, but personally I do not find this a problem.

If you want to get a cheap option then this is perfect. But for something that will last for a lifetime then please see my other options in the compost bucket guide linked to at the beginning of this article.

But the one advantage of this system is that as it is so aerated the scraps and contents of the bag do not ferment or begin to compost so it is much less likely to produce any odors. Although I have had the Norpro compost pail for over a year with not a single odor escaping so really it is going to come down to personal preference and the price.

BioBag MaxAir Compost Bucket