The Bosmere Merit compost bin is perfect for anyone who wants a simple and discreet compost bin that will make great quality compost in a very efficient manner. The Bosmere  garden compost bin is made of durable materials that will last for years. If you do buy the Bosmere compost bin you will find it is one of the best models on the market.

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With a compost guide included and a compost bin specifically designed to get a great internal heat for speedy final results the Bosmere garden compost bin is a very good choice. Well aerated for maximum efficiency and with a simple hinged lid for quick access this is a very well designed product. We are not looking at anything here but a simple and very effective way to make compost. Sometimes simple is best. And this is exactly what this is. A high quality option built to last, but with no frills.

Bosmere Merit Compost Bin

bosmere meritWith the Bosmere compost bin price being very affordable you can guarantee that it will more than live up to expectations.

With two bottom sliding doors for easy access to our great quality compost it is simplicity itself to empty it out. Quite similar to the Soilsaver compost bin there are no need for tools to assemble this model.

If you want a great quality compost bin that is quick to assemble and very sturdy then this is the  best option.

Simple But Effective

Buy the Bosmere compost bin and made some fantastic compost in a short space of time. It basically has all that you need if you do not want to buy a compsot tumbler but want something that is going to keep odors down. But more importantly it also keeps pests away. A closed system like this that has a strong lid and sides is the absolute best way to stop animals making a total mess in the garden.