We have seen some great compost bins, but if you want something really simple and cheap to deal with all those autumn leaves, or summer grass clippings have a look at the Geobin Composting System.

GKL0951-6 Geobin Composting System – Click for Price

The Geobin system is available from amazon via the link above. This garden composter is probably not going to inspire envy from your neighbours in quite the same way that the Aerobin might!  But it is still a great product in the right place.   For total flexibility you can’t beat it.  The barrel can be put together in different sizes depending on how much garden waste you have to throw in it.  It’s maximum diameter is 3 feet which makes it pretty sizable.  Yet when you don’t need it, it rolls up into something truly tiny and easy to store.

Geobin Composting System

geobin composting systemThese simple compost companions are not for every situation though.  Of course, such an open design will make them impossible to keep animals out of, so these are not so great if you plan on composting much kitchen waste.  But, as an additional bin to deal with bulky garden waste they are perfect.  We know that adding material to compost bins in layers is the best way to create good textured organic compost.  But come autumn, you can be over-run with dry leaves and little else to mix in.  Having a simple bin like this to store your leaves and then add them to your enclosed composter will mean you have “brown” material to add more regularly.

Of course, what you put in these simple hoop compost bins will break down too.  The air-flow is very good owing to all the holes around the side.  Plus an open top will allow water in to keep the bacteria happy.  So you can use these as complete compost bins in their own right, and expect some good quality compost relatively quickly.

However, I really feel that where these particular composters excel is as companion composters.  Cheap and simple, lightweight and great to have around when needed.  Many of the Geobin Composting System reviews (you can read them via the link at the top) suggest that using these, and these alone, will allow you to create great garden compost quickly, easily and without the expense of buying a more secure compost bin.