We have looked at a number of what we feel are the best compost tumblers. There is no doubt in our minds that compost barrel tumblers are the best possible option for composting in record time and with a minimum of effort or fuss. In this article we will take a look at two of our top picks. It would be impossible to cover all of them in a single article. But, thanks to our favorite suppliers (Amazon), we can find you amazing deals on every composting tumbler currently available, so be sure to check out the many options currently available.

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Compost Tumbler Achla

Achla Cmp-05The Achla CMP-05 is definitely one of our top picks. We much prefer the horizontal models personally as they take any effort out of rotating the drum.

The weight is spread evenly so there is no effort involved and all it takes is the turning of a handle to mix up the contents.

And this is at the heart of making compost in a matter of weeks. The churning up of the contents means that everything turns in to quality compost at the same time and we get an even distribution of heat.

Compost Barrel Tumbler Sale Earthcare

earthcare compost tumblerThe Earthcare compost tumbler is our other top pick. This is slightly lower in price than the Achla model and just as convenient to use. The only reason why the Achla is first is because it has a higher number of customer reviews so we can be even more confident about its quality.

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The Earthcare composting tumbler is made from over 90% recycled materials and has easy grab handles to rotate the drum in a very simple fashion. This is definitely one of the best deals in the compost barrel tumbler sale and will allow you to make compost very quickly for a bargain price.

If you want the best compost barrel tumblers then these two items are definitely worthy of consideration. But don’t forget to take a look at the other options, there are a number of factors that may mean that a different option is more suitable for you. And don’t forget to read our Home Composting Basics guide for some great tips on making the best possible quality compost.

Things to consider:

  • Think about how much organic matter you have to compost
  • What space is available
  • Design is always important

There are some very clever designs available, like the ecomposter, which is more akin to garden sculpture than anything else. There are also much smaller compost tumblers available so think about how much compost you would like to make and pick the appropriate compost barrel tumbler.

But for most gardeners the two items we have looked at are going to be just about as ideal a compost barrel tumbler as you are likely to find.