There is so much mis-information about composting. And so many articles would have you studying for a degree before you could understand what was even being spoken about. Here at the composter reviews site we keep things simple. It is not difficult to make great compost, all you need are a few basic do’s and dont’s and you will be making the finest and richest compost possible.

So, here are our lists of what you should and shouldn’t do to make compost. A great companion to our home composting guide.


  • compost all organic, and raw matter
  • compost raw bones
  • compost Dog poop
  • use a kitchen compost pail
  • layer the various materials
  • ensure the compost is always damp
  • keep the heat as high as possible
  • save all your kitchen scraps, even coffee grounds
  • compost all year
  • compost animal waste
  • compost cat poop, horse poo, all kinds of poo
  • add paper and card
  • make sure the matter is well aerated


  • compost cooked bones
  • add food if pests can get access to the heap
  • listen to people that say you can’t compost animal waste
  • let the temperature get too low, read composting in cold weather for some tips
  • throw away kitchen scraps
  • pile on huge amounts of  the same organic matter in one go
  • compact everything so it can’t breathe
  • let it dry out
  • use accelerators, if you mix up your materials you don’t need them

And there we have it, all the do’s and don’ts of composting that you should ever need.

Keep the pile hot and never use the compost until it is completely crumbly and you won’t have to worry about dangerous bacteria or anything else. If it is organic that it can be composted safely as long as you ensure that you wait until the whole process is finished. If the end result is crumbly to the touch, and almost black in color, then it is suitable for the garden or the vegetable plot.