At the heart of making fantastic compost is ensuring that you keep the heat up. In most cases the hotter the better. Also see our composting do’s and dont’s for other great tips too. I have yet to come across a compost heap that was TOO hot! During the warm months of the year this is never an issue. The Sun and ambient temperature takes care of everything.

But composting in the Winter can be a different matter altogether. I have a few great tips however, that are going to allow you to compost right the way through the year and ensure that you always have a steady supply of compost for your needs.

There are two main ways to carry on composting in cold weather. One is slightly, well, much better than the other, and is a lot less unsightly too.

Compost Tumblers For Cold Weather Composting

See our best compost tumbler article for a great model we recommend. But actually all the popular models are going to deliver the same result. Great compost in cooler weather.

Compost tumblers make the whole process of composting in general a lot easier, but for this article we are concentrating on the benefits for the cold. The large surface area is going to soak up the available heat, and this is going to keep the organic matter inside nice and hot. So that processes continue. But more than this it is the design of these drums themselves that is going to help us out.

Rather than letting the matter inside just sit there, we simply turn the drum a few times a week. This evens out the heat distribution inside and will raise up the temperature very quickly.

rotocomposterAdd to this the fact that as we have a closed system. The cold is never going to penetrate like it would on an open heap.

The even temperature inside thanks to the unique way these systems work is going to ensure that our compost carries on breaking down and it means we can get compost all through the year.

At the most all that you are going to have to do is to site it in the warmest spot and remember to rotate the drum on occasion.

And if you want to go the extra mile then you could even wrap some form of fleece around the whole thing. Although this option should only be needed in the coolest of conditions.

The Other Alternative

Our other option is really a continuation of what was just mentioned. And this is for those that are composting with a traditional heap. We need to keep the temperature up and this is going to mean insulation. A few layers of fleece or even old carpet is going to allow the pile to stay hot and to continue its internal processes.

So all that you are going to have to do is to ensure that you keep your pile covered and protected from the frost and severe cold weather.

Personally there is no question of what I would recommend. A tumbler is able to let you compost with the least amount of fuss. It allows you to compost very quickly too. Plus with the turning of the drum the matter inside is sure to stay hot and carry on working.

Plus compost tumblers are a lot less unsightly than a compost heap in the corner of the garden And accessing the finished product is a lot less back-breaking too.

Composting In Cold Weather