When it comes to picking the best compost tumbler then the Earthcare compost tumbler is one of our top picks. It is actually one of the best choices, along with the Achla CMP-05 spinning horizontal composter. Available for a great price the cheap Earthcare compost tumbler is excellent value for money. Check out today’s amazon price via the link below or carry on reading to see why this is one of our favorite compost tumblers.

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Earthcare Compost Tumbler Review

Along with the Achla model this is our favorite compost tumbler for a number of reasons. What both have in common is that they are horizontal compost tumblers. This makes using them simplicity itself.

  • Easy to add organic matter through the top
  • Simple to empty
  • No effort required to rotate the drum
  • Wider than the Lifetime Composter but still amazing value
  • Lockable lid
  • Made from recycled materials

The fact is that horizontal models simply need no effort to rotate. Vertical models can become bottom heavy and for many it can mean they are hard to turn to mix up the contents. If you buy the best price Earthcare composting tumbler then rotating is as simple as using the grip holds to push the drum and it rotates.

Other Earthcare Compost Tumbler Features

earthcare compost tumblerOther benefits are that this is a very large compost tumbler. At 80 gallons it is one of the largest available, but surprisingly it is also one of the cheapest compost tumblers as well.

We also get two drainage holes so that we can collect compost tea which is an amazing by-product that is definitely going to improve the quality of anything that you wish to grow.

Overall this is definitely one of the best bargains to be had for gardeners who want to make compost in less than four weeks and for an amazingly low price as well. We highly recommend the Earthcare compost tumbler.

Pick Wisely

As stated above you will note that we do make a bit of a song and dance about the Earthcare composting tumbler because of it being a horizontal model. This is a very important feature. Many people do not have a lot of strength and this makes rotating many of the vertical models difficult.

As soon as they get a lot of organic matter in them then the bottom is heavy. It is then hard for some people to rotate the drum. And this does need to be done on a regular basis. So, if you maybe do not want this trouble, or do not have a lot of upper body strength, or suffer with a back condition, as we often do, like many active gardeners, then pick a vertical model.

They spin easily and take no effort.

Sure, they take up a little bit more room, but the convenience pays off in a big way. Just something to consider before you make a final buying decision.