Many people, for whatever reason, want to make compost indoors. Indoor composting is a great idea and we are certainly all for it here at the composter reviews site. We have a number of very cool options if we want to make compost indoors. Some of them will appeal more than others, some are………….um, how to put this delicately? A little bit gooey!!

We will take a look at the options available and first up is one that is getting more and more popular every day. And that is worm farm composting.

Indoor Worm Composting

Composting indoors with worms has had a lot of press lately and it is becoming very popular. It is particularly popular with those that have children. It is a great way to teach them about the benefits of recycling our organic garbage and also to get them up close and personal with nature.

It makes for a great fun project for the whole family and the end results are really rather amazing.

Worm farm composting is also great for anyone that has limited space but wants to produce a high quality compost without leaving the house.

We have written a number of articles about the best worm composters to buy, and at some great prices, so please see the Worm Factory DS range and the Worm Factory 360 for some inspirational worm based compost making.

If getting that close to slimy beasties is not your idea of fun (although they are never going to escape and there is no smell) then no need to worry, there are some slightly different alternatives to making compost indoors that cost little but produce some amazing results.

How To Make Compost Indoors

bokashi compostingWe have a few options for making compost in the house that do not involve anything but our use of organic matter and a great product to turn our waste in to excellent compost. The most popular is currently a form of pickling. Yes, it sounds odd but is actually a very sound principle.

The idea is that you add all kitchen waste to a special bucket. This can be raw or cooked. You then add in layers of a special mix to get the whole process working. You have a drainage tap on the front that allows you to collect a very rich liquid nutrient for feeding plants.

Once full you simply leave it for a week to ferment and then it is off to the garden. Of course we can’t simply make the bucket ourselves as a very tight fitting lid and a great design is a must. Luckily we have written extensively about what you need and it is as simple as reading the Bokashi compost bucket article and buying the cheap product that you need.

So, there you have it. Great ways to make compost in the house. There are electrical systems available but to be honest the price is prohibitively expensive and the quantities of compost made don’t really justify the expense. We recommend the above resources and if you do try worm composting you will be amazed at both the end results and the fact that there is no smell or mess. We were just kidding about all the goo!

Happy indoor composting.