The Keter 115-gallon Capacity Super Composter is one of our favorites here at We don’t need tools to put it together and at such a great price it really is one of the best garden composters currently available. Check out the latest amazon price via the link below or carry on reading to see why we like it so much!

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Much like the Soilsaver compost bin this is a very sturdy model that is perfect for those that want the convenience of a contained compost bin for a reasonable price. No frills and no fuss, just a sturdy design that keeps pests away, and makes composting that little bit easier. Cut down on odors, eliminate mess, and compost in style, but the Keter super composter price means you can do all this on a very small budget.

Keter Super Composter

keter super composterThe Keter super composter has a hinged lid that makes life just that little bit easier. With a 115 gallon capacity there is certainly plenty of room in this model. And when we are ready to use the compost we have four access compartments to choose from. This really does make a difference, it means you have to work less to get access to all that lovely compost.

  1. No fuss
  2. No mess
  3. Simple design
  4. Ease of access
  5. Simple to add organic matter

Keter Super Composter Design

Fully vented so that the contents are aerated for maximum speed of composting, we also have the benefit of buying an item that is made from over 90% recycled materials.

Take a look at the Keter super composter and the Soilsaver and see which one better suits your needs. We like the simplicity of this design and with a Keter super composter discount, you can buy for a great price. Perfect for the keen gardener or vegetable grower that wants something simple that is going to perform very well.

And the surprisingly large capacity means that although it doesn’t take up much room you can get a very large quantity of good quality compost once it is full.

The 4 access hatches then make it very easy to get out your compost and put it where it does the most good, on your crops or plants.