Okay, so you fully intend to collect all your kitchen scraps; vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and so on.  But with the best will in the world, those items can quickly become both untidy and even a little smelly.  Not something most of us want hanging around our lovely clean kitchens.  You need a kitchen compost pail! Kitchen composters really are worth their weight in gold. But which one?  Well the Norpro  compost keeper, known as the Norpro compost pail is the best selling model at the moment.  So in the spirit of the site, we figure it’s time to do a compost pail review…

Norpro Odor-Free Countertop Compost Keeper – Click to Buy and Choose Colors

UPDATE: Due to popular demand and interest in the many kitchen compost crock options here is the link for Norpro compost keeper stainless steel option:

Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Pail options

We recommend checking out the full range at great prices on amazon via the links above.

The Norpro Kitchen Compost Pail

norpro compost pailOne of the key things about any decent kitchen compost keeper is that it must keep smells at bay.  Now, sure you could just use any old container you have lying around.  Basically anything with a well fitting lid will do the job of collecting your kitchen waste.  But, when it comes time to take that lid off things like onion peelings can really get a bit whiffy.  In fact, if you use something plastic to collect those scraps the container itself will actually absorb those odors and become really difficult to clean thoroughly (though a soak with baking soda will do the job eventually).

Using a specially designed collection tool will eliminate any smells by way of carbon filters in the lid.  Carbon is great at absorbing  odors and so means neither you, nor any flying insects will be aware of what lies inside the crock.

Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper

An item such as the Norpro Compost Pail is particularly good because it looks discreet, and indeed actually very pretty sat on the countertop.  To encourage the whole family to recycle all their kitchen scraps it is crucial that things are easy.  Now you could get a larger container and pop it into an under-counter cupboard.  But, you’re likely to find that other members of the family (those less devoted to a greener approach to things) will use that less handy approach as an easy get out clause.  Having a crock on the work-surface means it is really handy, and acts as a constant reminder to all members of the household, that all organic waste can now be easily collected and recycled into fabulous new organic compost.

The Norpro Compost Pails are ceramic, so are really easy and quick to clean (both inside and out) just with a little soapy water.  The charcoal filters are cheap and last around six months, so it is not an expensive way to keep smells (and therefore insects) away from the countertop.

Buying an item with one sturdy handle is also important.  You want emptying the crock to be easy too (that way you can get others to do it for you!).  Wandering out the garden composter is fine so long as you have something easy to carry and the Norpro, with its strong stainless steel handle is certainly that.

You need a compost keeper that is a practical size too.  If it fills too quickly you’re sure to get bored with trudging out to empty it.  The Norpro Compost Pail is 10-1/2 by 8 by 7-1/4 inches in size, which means you can fit a reasonable amount in it.  But, it isn’t so large as to take up lots of your counter-space.

Norpro Compost Keeper Reviews

Now, as much as we love the Norpro Compost Pail, not least of all because it is reasonably priced, and comes with classic good looks (we particularly love the red ceramic version), there are reasons why for some a different pail might be better.

Take a look at the customer reviews via the links above and you will see that on the whole this is a very well-priced and well-liked product.  But being ceramic you do end up with a slightly heavier product than you might.  A stainless steel version is a little lighter and so might be better for some.  Also, being ceramic it would be easier to break that a solid metal version too.  Fine for many, but not so great for those more clumsy souls (like myself!). Use as part of the how to make good compost guide and you can’t go wrong.

For particularly large households, or those that don’t want to go out into the backyard too much a larger, gallon capacity compost pail might be a better choice, though of course it will take up more room.

Kitchen Compost Pails are a simple solution to encourage recycling and keep the kitchen looking spic and span, and the Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper is a particularly well-priced option that will be in keeping with many kitchen styles.