So far, we have focused on backyard composters, but there are tons of different ways to create compost, and the kitchen composter (or Bokashi Compost Bucket), also known as the All Seasons indoor compost kit, is such an ingenious system we thought it was time to give it a mention. Bokashi composting kits are gaining in popularity and the great news is the price is very low.

Bokashi Compost Buckets – Click for Full Range

A simple option for those limited on outdoor space, or simply wishing to recycle all food waste more safely, the Bokashi Compost Bucket is growing in popularity for both householders and commercial entities. Amazon have a wide range on offer which you can check out via the link above.

A mixture of all sorts of food, and a “Bokashi EM starter” added in layers will turn your bucket of kitchen scraps into a nourishing feed for the garden, that won’t attract vermin and is safe to handle.

The Bokashi compost bucket is an easily sealed unit that lets you pop all your kitchen waste in one place.  Once full, the lid is replaced tightly and the contents allowed to pickle or ferment for between seven and ten days.

All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit

The key to a good Bokashi Bin is a well fitting lid and a drainage spigot at the base.  From here you can drain off the liquid that accumulates.  This is one of the best concentrated organic liquid feeds around, so don’t throw it away.  Save, dilute and use to feed plants as required.  One interesting alternative use for this potent liquid is as a septic tank friendly drain cleaner, but I personally wouldn’t waste such a nutrient rich feed by emptying it down the drain myself. And the All Seasons indoor composting kit is the most affordable and well known option.

What is The Bokashi Composting Kit?

bokashi compostingThe Bokashi composting system is simple yet unique.  The Bokashi composting kit concept relies on a process not unlike pickling, to render kitchen waste including processed foods, meat and fish, safe enough to handle and use in the garden.  The idea is that you layer kitchen waste in a sealed bucket and top with a sprinkling of Bokashi EM starter.  This is usually supplied on bran or saw-dust and is simply a micro-organism starter that gets to work quickly breaking down your good waste. See the indoor composting article for other ways to compost indoors.

The real selling point of the system, is the ability to recycle all food waste, including processed, cooked and raw veg, fruit, meat, fish, eggs and dairy.  Because the starter gets the process happening quickly you only need to wait a week or so to be able to send all that goodness out into the garden.

There are two different approaches.  Some empty their Bokashi buckets directly into the garden soil by digging a shallow trench and emptying the contents there to further break down and enrich the soil.  Others simply empty the pickled contents of their kitchen composter into a conventional compost bin or heap.  Being able to add valuable food waste without attracting vermin being the reason to put it through this initial Bokashi processing.

Which method you chose will depend on your circumstances, and garden layout.  Even those without gardens are using the Bokashi system to enrich their own pots and tubs on patios and balcony’s so there is a lot of flexibility in the system.

To make the most out of the Bokashi bucket you will need two bins, one to be fermenting and the other to be adding new kitchen scraps too.  But, even one bucket will help if you are emptying its contents onto a conventional compost heap once full (though the waste will not be nearly so well broken down or free from pathogens, as if you allow the efficient microorganisms (EM) to do their work properly).