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This is almost the same as the Exaco Trading ECO-2000 compost bucket and here at the composter reviews site it left me a little confused to start with, I must admit. Are they the same? What is the difference?

This is another compost bucket with lid, a compost bucket kitchen scrap collector that certainly gets the job done, but is it different to the Exaco?

Large Compost Bucket

Let’s see what the difference is between this and the Exaco model:


  • Tight fitting lid
  • Handle for carrying
  • large capacity
  • Um…………

In all honesty there does not seem to be any real difference at all. The color may be a shade darker but that seems to be about it.

Durability Of the Large Kitchen Compost Bucket With Lid

The durability seems the same too. In so much as both models will last for years. The plastic is heavy duty and the cleaning is simple. A rinse out and you are done.


Thanks to the carbon filter there are no odors and it can keep away all flying pests thanks to the tight fitting lid. Perfect for storing scraps from the kitchen for days , if not a week at a time.

Price: Large Kitchen Compost Bucket

The price is good, very low in fact, much like the Ecaxo so it is certainly an affordable option. The cheap compost bucket is perfect for anyone that wants something functional that will perform for years.


We have to face it that these are not the most glamorous of items. But it can be stored in a cupboard for convenience but still give easy access and this is what many people decide to do.

Large Kitchen Compost Bucket Reviews

Customers seem to love it. It is cheap, Amazon have it for the best price online, and it lasts for years.

My only issue is one of confusion. It seems the same as the Exaco linked to at the top of the page. So, my recommendation is to pick either one, they will both perform the same. See my compost buckets guide for other options that you may like to consider, there are a few great options that are great for counter top storage.