With so many different compost tumbler options on the market it can be hard to pick the right model. Today we are going to look at one of our favorites the RotoComposter rotating composter for sale at a great low price. Please see the link below for the current amazon price. These come in two models, the Good Ideas 90 gallon compost wizard and the Good Ideas 53 gallon compost wizard Jr.

Click for the Jr and large models

With two options currently available, the large RotoComposter and the small or Jr RotoComposter. Let’s take a look at each.

RotoComposter Compost Wizard Jr. Review

rotocomposterThe Roto Composter Jr. is perfect for those with limited space or those that simply do not have the levels of organic matter to compost to warrant a large composter. It sits low to the ground on its stand and with very easy access to the inside it is perfect for those that want their composting duties to be as hands off as possible.

Just as with the large model the Good Ideas compost wizard Jr (RotoComposter Junior) for sale is very simple to rotate and this is at the heart of making a high quality compost in a matter of just a few short weeks. This cheap Roto Composter is one of our top buys for anyone who wants to take advantage of compost tumbler technology for quick compost but wants it at a low price.

Large Good Ideas Compost Wizard RotoComposter

The Jr is a 7 cubic ft model while in the large model we are looking at 12 cubic ft of space for larger compost making. With recessed handles on the sides again turning it is very simple and we want to be doing this at least a few times a week for maximum results.

With vents for air passage we will find that either model can create high quality compost in such a short space of time that it is actually hard to believe just how efficient they really are.

Take a look at both models and depending on the amount of space or the requirements that you have we are sure that you will find them both very good value for money and they are certainly one of the least conspicuous compost tumblers on the market today.

The good ideas compost wizard compost tumbler is definitely one of our top choices in the range.