Anyone that enjoys creating their own home compost knows how great kitchen compost pails, or compost crocks, are in ensuring the entire family remember to keep all those useful kitchen scraps and vegetable peelings for the compost bin outside.   Of course you can use anything really.  But for ensuring the kitchen counters remain tidy and uncluttered a proper compost keeper is essential.

RSVP Endurance Compost Pails – Click for Full Range

Today we are having a little look at the RSVP Endurance Compost Pail.  I like the look of ceramic versions but have to say that on the whole the idea of a metallic one does give some reassurance of it being easy to clean and difficult to damage.  Both these concerns are crucial in a kitchen as clumsy as ours! Amazon offer a range of sizes on this compost crock which you can view via the link above.

RSVP Compost Pail

rsvp compost pailThe RSVP compost keeper pictured is a modest 1/2 gallon version, but they produce a more family friendly 1 gallon and a mammoth 1.5 gallon too.

The advantage of a dedicated compost pail is that you get filters fitted into the lid that keep smells from escaping into the kitchen.  The single handle makes taking your kitchen scraps outside to the compost bin easy and no effort at all.  But should you neglect to do so, that carbon filter will still keep odours away.

Customer reviews regarding the RSVP stainless steel range of kitchen compost crocks (you can view them all via the link above) all agree that it looks good and is easy to use.  That handle, the filters and the fact it is dishwasher safe all create an easy life for those hoping to recycle kitchen waste in the garden.  I would really think about what size you need though, as something too small could become annoying.  I guess a few days of collecting your kitchen scraps in a bowl or freezer box will allow you to get a good estimate of the volume of scraps you’re likely to collect.

Personally the fact that a quick rub with a paper towel will bring the RSVP compost pail up gleaming and polished and that damaging it is really rather tricky makes this one of the best options for those looking for a kitchen compost container to train their family to recycle all that they can!