The SoilSaver Compost Bin is a Classic Garden Composter.  A simple design, no frills approach to home composting if ever there was one.  But don’t let that fool you.  This is still one of the best selling composters on the market today, and with good reason. When it comes to the best composter reviews this is a firm favorite but don’t forget that there are many more options available, such as the similar Bosmere K767,  and we always recommend that you browse our other reviews as well.

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We recommend that you take a look at the compost tumblers as they can make compost in a matter of just a few weeks. See the best compost tumbler article for our top pick. If you are set on a static compost bin, check out the low amazon price via the link above.

With the Soilsaver classic composter we get a  twenty five year guarantee which helps, as  does a low price, easy assembly and no-nonsense composting attitude.  A square sided design makes this a particularly useful design for smaller spaces.  True, you won’t get away with only one bin as at times it will get full and need to be left alone to work its magic on all your organic waste.  But square sides mean it will fit tidily up against a wall or fence.  So, as long as the yard is large enough for two bins this is a definite possibility.

SoilSaver Classic Garden Composter

Soilsaver Classic ComposterMade from 75% post consumer recycled materials this is a pretty environmentally friendly compost bin.  Add to that the fact that it will last for a long time (with a 25yr makers warranty you can pretty much guarantee it will keep on and on) and it is a plastic garden product definitely built to last and to reduce resources used.

The compost bin measures around 28″ square by 32″ high making it compact, but still with a generous 11 2/5 cubic feet capacity. The material is UV resistant so it lasts well in even the sunniest of positions.

The top of the bin is a huge locking lid.  This keeps pests out but also ensures it is always hassle free to fill.  Another area some gardeners struggle with is emptying the compost bin.  This one features two slide up doors so that particular issue should never be a problem.

Being a basic, classic garden composter, the SoilSaver will not produce compost without either a little time, or a little help.  This means you will either need to empty it occasionally and refill it, or turn the contents to mix them up a bit.  That is, if you need compost really quickly.  If however you are in less of a hurry (due to owning a few compost bins) then no worries, forget about turning the heap and just wait a month or two longer.

The dark color and insulating properties of its foam construction means the bin absorbs lots of heat from the sun, so the material inside will still break down quick enough providing you mix up what you add to it and include plenty of aerating ‘roughage’ such as leaves or cardboard from time to time.

Setting Up the SoilSaver Composter

Great news, the sides are interchangeable and the assembly is simple.  You don’t need any tools, just to tighten a few nuts and bolts and you’re ready to go!  One thing that is absolutely critical though is to set the SoilSaver Composter somewhere really flat.  If not you will find the corners taking undue stress that could reduce the lifespan of the compost bin, and of course the lid will have trouble keeping itself secure!

Reviews confirm that on the whole this is one of the best basic garden composters around.  Simple, sturdy and functional.  But if you expect miraculous home composting in no time, without any effort you may need to look for something more complicated and more expensive such as one of the Compost Tumblers or the Earthmaker Aerobic Composter.  If however you can afford to give up a little space for two or three garden composters, the SoilSaver could be the cheapest and most long-lived option.  There is nothing wrong with simple composters so long as you do not expect them to be miracle workers!