Who says composting has to be boring. The Ecomposter, the STC 33301 Green Ecomposter is one of the best looking, and most environmentally sound composter on the planet. Here at the composter reviews site we love it.

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With this Eco Composter we can make excellent compost in just a few short weeks. Plus we get a composter that looks like an amazing work of garden art. This could take center stage in any garden and is definitely a real talking point. This is not to be confused with the E-Composter, which is very similar in name but a much more basic model. You can read customer reviews and check out the latest amazon price via the link above, or continue reading to hear what I think about it…

Green Ecomposter

STC 33301 Green EcomposterThe air tubes, the base and the dark green color all combine to make one of the most efficient ways to compost bar none. In fact we are looking at a composter on a par with the very successful compost tumblers range.

We can get great quality compost in as little as 4-6 weeks with the ECOmposter.

ECOmposter Reviews

If you use the links to read the reviews you will see that many people do actually give this pride of place in the garden. And they get compliments on their garden sculpture. People will think this is a specially commissioned piece and is one of only a very few composters that does not actually like like it is a, well, a compost bin!

Compost in style with a unique talking point as well as one of the best ways to compost. Although it does not strictly come under the category of compost tumblers it in reality is. We can roll the Ecomposter to exactly where we want it, and with the air pipes that get right to the heart of the ball, it is not going to be long after we begin to fill it up that this patented technology will have us using the rolling composter and improving our soil.

The Best?

We think this is the future. Now there is no need to hide your composter away out of sight. If you want total convenience and the ability to place your composter anywhere, then the green ecomposter is about as good as it gets. Why commission an expensive garden sculpture when you can have one that also allows you to make some amazing compost too!