The Sun-Mar 200 garden composter is one of our new top picks. The Sun-Mar rotating composter has great positive reviews from happy customers and is definitely one of the most sturdy options currently available.

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We recommend checking amazon for up to date pricing since they have some great deals on composters. Just looking at this great composter we can see that it is built to withstand the harshest of the elements and is extremely sturdy. In fact it is kind of built like a tank! This is one compost tumbler that is going to stay exactly where you put it.

Sun-Mar Rotating Compost Bin

We will find that the drum is designed to rotate very smoothly on a set of bearings, making the rotating that is so important very easy. Being able to rotate the drum a few times a week is at the heart of how composting tumblers can make such high quality compost in such a short space of time. And with the Sun-Mar it is simplicity itself.

It is just another reason why we love the horizontal models so much. They never get bottom heavy and they never make it a chore to rotate them. For people who want to compost with a bad back then the Sun Mar 200 and options like the Achla are certainly what we heartily recommend.

Special Features of the Sun-Mar

sun mar 200This is a very unique compost tumbler. With a special patented design the compost comes out automatically as it is ready. Every time we add organic matter we can give it a quick rotation and then thanks to the special design the compost that is ready will automatically empty out.

This is a very unique feature and one that has never been seen before.

Sun Mar 200 Rotating Compost Bin Reviews

The Sun-Mar compost bin reviews are very positive. Once you begin to use it the right way you will find that this is one of the most practical and simple to use composting tumblers on the market.

With a very robust build indeed there is no doubt that this offers some of the absolute best value for money currently on offer.

Low Profile

We don’t all want our compost bins or tumblers sticking out like a sore thumb in the garden. And this is another pretty much exclusive feature of the Sun Mar. It is low profile, meaning it can be hidden behind relatively low growing shrubbery and never be seen.

This is a major advantage for those with limited space or for anyone that just wants to hide their composter out of sight.