The Exaco Earthmaker Aerobic Composter is a continuous cycle composting system.  A gravity fed, three tier system that means only one garden composter is ever needed.  Unlike most other home composters this one never gets full and never needs to be left to digest the waste you have put into it.  This makes it an absolutely perfect garden accessory for those with small yards, large families or tight budgets.  If two compost bins is something you really do not want the Earthmaker vertical composter might be your best choice.

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Earthmaker 3 Stage Compost Bin

earthmaker composterWith ordinary garden composters there comes a time when they simply get full and need to be left alone for a period of time to ‘digest’ their contents.   This causes an issue for those that do not want to give up yet more space in the backyard for another compost bin to fill whilst the first is busy doing its magic.

The Earthmaker 3 Stage Compost Bin solves this problem by stacking three composting chambers, one on top of the other.   As the waste you put in the top chamber begins to break down it falls down to the next chamber.  Here it is digested further until it finally settles in the lowest chamber.  For the gardener the process is extremely simple.  New garden waste and kitchen scraps are put into the top of the bin and finished organic compost is taken from the bottom chamber to be used in the garden.

Because the material moves vertically through the backyard composter it remains aerated.  Oxygen getting to the heart of the composting material allows the micro-organisms to thrive.  These and the heat generated from the bottom chamber than of course rises through the bin helps break down the waste quickly and efficiently with fewer greenhouse gases being emitted.

To aid the process the gardener simply toggles the panels in the chamber floors once a month to allow small particles to move down through the bin.  This means there is no need to turn the material, as you would with other systems to generate home compost rapidly.

The bin measures approximately 47 inches high with a diameter of 30 inches.  This means it will fit easily into even the smallest yard, though it is rather taller than many conventional static compost bins.  But, with a capacity of 120 gallons it will cope with the organic waste produced by even a large family.  Customer reviews confirm that the Earthmaker composter keeps up with the demands of the average sized family, but of course if you have an awful lot of garden waste you may find it fills more easily.

Setting up the Earthmaker BackYard Composter

The assembly of the Earthmaker backyard composter should take around 30 minutes.  The construction simply snaps together so no tools are needed.  You will need to site it somewhere flat to keep it secure.  On bare earth is best as this allows earthworms to make their way naturally into the bin when the temperature is right for them to do so.  These garden helpers will speed up the process of decomposition, leaving behind worm castings which are exceptionally nutrient rich and great for the garden.

Depending on the weather and the mixture of materials put into the bin you should start to see completed organic compost ready in the lowest chamber in around three months.  Once the home composting system is established you can expect to collect around 10 gallons of compost every month or so.

The Earthmaker Aerobic Composter is an ingenious solution for those wishing to home compost with only one bin and with little physical demands on the gardener.  Priced sensibly, it costs around the same as two cheap static compost bins but takes up less floor space and requires a lot less effort to manage.