There are a myriad of back porch compost tumblers available to choose from.  But all are definitely not created equal.  After years of creating fabulous organic compost we have a few firm favorites, and a few that we would definitely avoid. Amongst our favorites is the Achla Spinning Composter because it ticks nearly all our boxes for the perfect garden composter and is one of the best picks from our large compost tumblers guide. The cheap Achla compost tumbler for sale is definitely our favorite, the achla cmp-05 spinning horizontal composter really does tick all the boxes.

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The very best compost tumbler needs to be sturdy, easy to use, easy to turn and tidy if it is to suit an urban back yard.   It also needn’t be too expensive either.  And the Achla spinning horizontal composter ticks all of these boxes.We have already mentioned the Envirocycle Composter because it is reasonably priced, simple to use and looks pretty good.  With its compost tea collector it also keeps a patio tidy which is a must in the smaller garden.

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The Achla CMP-05 Compost Tumbler

Achla compost tumblerOkay, this is definitely one of the best selling garden composters around.  More and more people are cottoning on to the idea of using compost tumblers because they produce finished garden compost so quickly.  But, whilst many versions are over-priced and worse, difficult to use, this one is one of very few Cheap Compost Tumblers around and is made the right way to ensure it is not too heavy to turn.

When choosing a spinning compost bin do think about which way up the drum sits.  Choose a vertical one and you have an awful lot of dead weight to turn even before they are very full.  Because the drum sits horizontally on its stand, the Achla compost tumbler is easy to maneuver even when approaching full capacity.   Yes, it will still have some weight to it but it will be nothing like the issue of turning a vertical standing tumbler I promise!

Now, the only issue I have with this model is the lack of a compost tea collector.  It is hardly critical and to be honest I know that most gardeners simply do not bother with this liquid feed.  And, if you do want to you can use the more old-fashioned method of soaking some rotted compost in a bucket of water for a week or two to make your own.

The other consideration is of course that composters really aren’t magical either.   At some point you will need to leave the material alone to finish rotting down.  Oh yes, the compost tumbler is quick but not instantaneous.  This leaves you with the difficult decision of what to do whilst your compost is digesting.  The only option really is to have at least one more compost bin in the garden, or to use a dual drum version but they are far more pricey.

If you are realistic about creating garden compost and want the fast efficiency and convenience of a compost tumbler you could do an awful lot worse than the Achla Spinning Composter, as many reviews will confirm.  This is a modestly priced, unobtrusive to look at, made from 100% recycled plastic and is a pretty good small composter ideal for modest gardens, where you need something efficient and that isn’t an eyesore on the patio.