When it comes to composter reviews it is the compost tumblers that are one of the hardest compost makers to decide upon for many people. In this article we will look at what we have found to be by far the best compost tumbler and the model that is the most purchased and most likely to produce the best results. We will also look at just why our pick is the best choice for most people. Not only is this the best compost tumbler, it is, in our opinion the best composter bar none. You may also like to look at the SoilSaver compost bin as well, if you are more limited for space or simply want a very no frills approach, although the compost will take longer to be produced than with a compost tumbler.

Achla CMP-05 Spinning Horizontal Composter (click for amazon price)

The Achla horizontal compost tumbler is by far our best pick for many people who want to buy a compost tumbler. If you click the link you can see more details and read compost tumbler reviews of this horizontal model. You can also buy for the best price online. With many of us now having heard that we can make compost in a matter of just a few weeks with a compost tumbler (which is true) we want to pick a model that is going to be the best possible choice for us so let’s take a look at why this is probably going to be the best possible choice.

Why Pick The Achla Compost Tumbler

Achla Cmp-05The fact is that many vertical compost tumblers have one main disadvantage and that is the fact that they are upright. This means that as they fill up they are a little difficult to spin to get the optimal results. They are fine for the strong among us but if we have a slight build they can be slightly difficult to move and this means that the contents cannot be mixed or tumble easily which is at the heart of making compost quickly.

Our best compost tumbler reviews are geared towards making life as easy as possible and this is where the Achla compost tumbler comes in to play.

It is a horizontal model so it is very easy to tumble the contents. We simply turn a handle and the contents are mixed up easily. This means we get no hot or cold spots within the composting tumbler. And this is at the heart of getting good results.

We will find that each time we add our organic waste we can simply give a quick spin of the handle and the contents are all mixed up and chopped together. This will allow us to make compost in record time and also means that we do not need to exert any effort in the process.

And amazingly the Achla spinning compost tumbler is one of the cheapest models available so it is a very good choice indeed. Click on the above link to read what others have to say and you should find that this is by far one of the best compost tumblers that you could possibly buy. You may also like to look at the RotoComposter if you have more limited space, it sits close to the floor, works like the Achla model, but is available in a number of sizes and is still one of the best compost tumblers you can buy.