The Envirocycle Spinning Composter is one of the most economical backyard compost tumblers available today.  A sturdy and squat design mean this is one garden composter that is easy to keep out of sight even in the smallest of yards.  With a low center of gravity and a small axis the Envirocycles are also one of the easier compost tumblers to actually spin. A top pick from our large compost tumblers guide.

Please note the Envirocycle now comes in 2 sizes. Check out both on amazon via the link below to compare prices.

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Incorporated into the hollow base is a large (5 gallon capacity) compost tea collector.  Really all that means is that the nutrient rich liquid that naturally runs off a compost heap, is collected for you to use.  A simple spigot allows you to drain off the compost liquid whenever needed, then dilute to use as a foliar or general organic liquid feed for lawn or plants (both in the garden and in the house).

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler

Envirocycle ComposterThe Envirocycle Compost Tumbler is one of the simplest spinning composters available.   There is no turning handle that could break.  You simply roll the composter body on the rollers incorporated into the base, to carry out the monthly spinning of the compost.  If you want to it is easy to roll the body off its base too, and then the finished compost can be simply rolled to wherever you want to use it in the garden (no need for a wheelbarrow!).

Small vents in the drum itself allow air into the mix but will not let rodents or other animal pests in.  Regular spinning of the drum will ensure oxygen gets right to the heart of the collected material and help the composting process occur more quickly and more efficiently.

Once the drum is around 3/4 full it should be left to continue digesting.  Still regular spin the contents but do not add any further material.  This does mean that for continuous composting you will need another compost bin in which to place newly created organic waste from the kitchen or garden, but that is the case with just about every garden composter other than the Earthmaker Gravity Fed Composter.

The Envirocycle Composter measures around 30″ high by 26″ wide, with a diameter of around 20″.  It’s capacity is approximately 52 gallons.  This makes it one of the Best Composters for Small Gardens as it doesn’t take up too much space but still accommodates a fair amount of kitchen scraps and yard waste.

Setting up the Envirocycle Composter

There is no assembly with the Envirocycle Composter.  You just remove a few plastic plugs and pop the drum onto the base unit, then you’re ready to compost.  The large lid (which makes filling and emptying easier) locks to keep out rodents.

The Envirocycle needs to be situated somewhere flat to keep it stable.  As it collects the run off from the compost it is ideally suited to being placed on a patio or other hard surface.

Of course the speed of compost creation depends a lot on what you put into your bin and the weather conditions.  We recommend buying the black Envirocycle as that will absorb more heat from the sun than the green version and so help create compost more quickly.

Customer reviews confirm that this is an easy to set up and easy to use, robust compost tumbler, one of the very best composters for small backyards.

On average the Envirocycle compost tumbler should be creating good quality garden compost in around two to three months.  The key to creating good quality home compost quickly is variety in the materials you add to the compost bin and regular turning.  With a simple spinning mechanism at least that part of the whole process is made easy with the Envirocycle Spinning Composter.