When it comes to large compost tumblers we have quite a few options, all of various prices and designs. Here at the composter reviews site we pride ourselves on having picked suppliers that offer the best prices, so whatever you do pick from our selections you can guarantee that you are getting the best price for large compost tumblers online.

Rather than go through the whole range it seems to make sense to stick to the top 5, if you would like to go through all possible options then we recommend looking at the compost tumblers category to see everything that is available.

Best Large Compost Tumblers: The Top 5


Tumbleweed Compost tumbler

Tumbleweed Compst TumblerThe Tumbleweed compost tumbler is a simple yet very efficient compost tumbler and one that sells extremely well.

And if you read our review you will see exactly why.

Not only is it more than affordable it is built to be very sturdy and is certainly perfect for everyone that wishes to make a good amount of compost in a very short space of time.

See the Tumbleweed compost tumbler page for more information.

We are sure you will be more than happy if this is your final decision. You can pick from black or green, simply depending on what appeals to you the best. We prefer black is the extra heat generated usually ensures that compost is made in the shortest time period.


Achla CMP-05

Achla Cmp-05The Achla CMP-05 is our favorite of the bunch but not currently the bestseller (although it was previously), which does kind of come as a surprise. As it is a vertical model it is certainly very easy to use.

A simple spin of the drum requires little effort and it is one of the cheapest options too.

It may simply be that it requires a little more space than other models which stops it from being the most popular, but the price more than makes up for this.

It is definitely the easiest model to use. Read more details on the Achla compost tumbler page.


Lifetime Compost Tumbler

Lifetime Compost TumblerThe Lifetime compost tumbler is another horizontal model, but slightly more compact looking than the Achla.

Still more than enough capacity for nearly every garden.

And the great low price makes it another option certainly worthy of interest.

Horizontal models are our favorites, so read our review to see just why.

See the Lifetime compost tumbler review for a lot more information.

It looks great and is certainly going to give compost in just a few short weeks. Nice and compact yet with a large capacity makes this one of the best choices for the home gardener.


Mantis Dual Chamber

Mantis Dual ChamberThe Mantis dual chamber compost tumbler is something a little different.

It may be more expensive but it is the most versatile of all models.

Ideal for those that want to make a maximum amount of compost with a minimal amount of fuss.

The ability to fill up one chamber and then move on to the next makes it the best way to always have a steady supply of compost that is ready to use.

See the Mantis dual chamber compost tumbler review for more information.

This is a large drum and unfortunately it is reflected in the price, but there is no doubt that for the avid gardener it is a fine pick indeed.


Envirocylce Compost Tumbler

Envirocycle ComposterThe Envirocycle compost tumbler is last but by no means least.

The unusual thing about this model is that it looks small but holds a great capacity.

It is perfect for the home composting fan as it takes up minimal space but is very easy to use and it is certainly very effective.

If you want one of the cheapest compost tumblers then this is a great pick.

See the Envirocycle compost tumbler review page for more information.


More Information: Video Reviews

It seems appropriate to show videos that we have found on Youtube of our top 5. It saves you having to search around there, as frankly, a lot of the ones we found were simply promotional with no real information at all.

Take a look and see the compost tumblers in action to see what you feel will be your best pick.



Take a look at this Tumbleweed compost tumbler video review for more details.


Not the best video, but the only one we could find. A shame because we love it so much. Take a quick look anyway at this Achla compost tumbler video review.


A great Lifetime compost tumbler video review that really shows how easy it is to use. Great stuff!


See the benefits of a dual chamber model with this great Mantis dual chamber compost tumbler video review. Just ignore their prices and sales patter, our chosen supplier is cheaper!


See just how easy it is to assemble the Envirocycle with this short Envirocycle compost tumbler video review.

Hopefully our guides on the relevant pages and the videos, some good, some not so, will allow you to make an informed decision about just what the best large compost tumbler to buy really is.

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