The E-Composter Keter is about the cheapest compost bin that it is possible to buy. Not only is it a great bargain price but if you buy the E-Composter you are also getting a product made from over 90% recycled materials. See the great amazon price for the E-composter below.

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This is not to be confused with the rather space age looking ecomposter. This is the cheap E-Composter that you may have heard so much about. It is about the cheapest way that we can possibly make our compost in a discreet and well managed way. No fuss, and no frills, just a very efficient compost bin that has plenty of access hatches for when you want to spread your home-made compost onto the garden,.

E-Composter Reviews

keter e-composterWe will find that the E-Composter reviews are somewhat of a mixed bag. Many love it while others think that it may well be worth spending a little more on something like the Soilsaver. Soilsaver reviews are nearly all very positive so it really does come down to just what we wish to pay and what kind of use we will be putting the composter to.

This is a relatively robust model but it is a no frills approach. We are simply buying a basic but good quality composting bin that will suit many peoples needs.

  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Low price

Keter E-Composter Price

The Keter e-composter price is very much a discount one, we can’t really think of anything that compares in terms of value for money.

E-Composter Design

We have access to the bin from the top so adding our organic material is very simple. Assembly is very easy and it is also very easy to get access to the finished compost via the bottom hatch. The design is basic, but it beats many more expensive options as it simply delivers on ease of use, rather than trying to be too clever for its own good.

If you want a good quality basic compost bin for a bargain price then the E-Composter Keter model is about as good as it gets.

Take a look at the reviews and also think about the Soilsaver model as well, or for something space age that looks more like a garden sculpture then we highly recommend the ecomposter, often confused by name with the E-Composter. But for a static, and very discreet compost bin the Keter E-Composter certainly delivers value for money.