Time for another Composter Review.  It seems we keep finding gems amongst the growing number of large compost tumblers to talk about.  They’re not for everyone, but they are a breakthrough for those whose aversion to manually turning a compost heap has previously put them off making great garden compost for themselves.  Today its the turn of the Lifetime Composter, or the Lifetime 80 gallon compost tumbler if you would like to be specific. Buy the Lifetime composter for the best price online thanks to an amazing supplier.

Lifetime 80 Gallon Compost Tumbler – Click for Price

This is a rather cheap compost tumbler unlike many of the other newer products available.  It is a little more than our favorites (the Achla composter and the Earthcare compost tumbler), but the Lifetime compost tumbler is cheap enough to make it worthy of consideration. Check out the latest amazon price via the link above.

Lifetime 80 Gallon Compost Tumbler

Lifetime Compost TumblerLike the Achla, this compost tumbler spins at its widest point, meaning that in theory it should be a lot easier to turn than some of the upright models.  Of course this does mean it takes up a little more floor space but frankly we like an easy life so this ticks box number one!  As with all tumbling bins though it does of course get less easy to turn as it fills, but still for most customers it works out to be far easier than manually turning a heap with a pitch-fork.  Plus of course you get a faster digesting time to get the compost ready to use, which is one of the primary advantages of these spinning composters.

The Lifetime composting tumbler will has a ten cubic feet (or approximately 80 gallon) capacity which makes it an ideal size for a medium to large family.  Of course there will come a time when it is full and busy digesting all your kitchen scraps and garden waste, so any size family will really need two bins eventually.

But for a primary spinning model this one is pretty good.  Inside is a bar that will help aerate all the waste inside and add some core strength to the whole thing.  They key thing that makes this bin a little different is the massive hatch to give you easy access to the good stuff inside.

Why Buy The Lifetime Compost Tumbler

The drum itself is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic, which is durable and good at resisting weather and UV light.  The black color means the whole thing absorbs heat so helping initiate the composting process.  It is double walled which helps insulate the whole thing.  In the winter as temperatures outside dip this can be a real help in keeping the matter inside hot enough to break down really quickly.  We would have liked the plastic to be from recycled sources as with other bins but we trust this will change in the future.

The frame is galvanised powder coated steel, strong enough to cope with the large drum on top.  It isn’t too high either which is help when emptying the contents once decomposed.

There is a 5 year limited factory warranty with the compost tumbler, which is about average for these type of metal framed/plastic drummed models, and you can get free shipping too.

On the whole its a good product, will create compost readily and is straightforward to use, well insulated and offers great access to the end product.  One thing to mention though is that this may not be the easiest composter to put together.  Now there aren’t that many bits to it, but the size and mixture of plastic and metal mean there are quite a few fixings that really need two pairs of hands, so put this one together when you have company is our suggestion! But we do love the Lifetime composter for its simplicity and the extra large access hatch.