There are a few very good quality but cheap small compost tumblers available. Perfect for those with a limited amount of space or for people who simply do not produce enough raw organic matter to merit a large tumbler. But it really is recommended that you never rush into just buying the cheapest compost tumbler that you find. Read on for some top picks and some things to consider before you finally buy.

Compost Wizard Junior

compost wizard jrThe compost Wizard Jr is a very popular item. Small, but still with adequate capacity for normal composting needs.

It has 7 cubic feet compared to he larger version which has 12. And the smaller capacity is certainly shown in the price.

This is absolutely perfect for those that want great compost but really don’t need to produce on a very large scale at all.

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The link above points to amazon since we have found they are offering great prices on compost tumblers at the moment.

Envirocycle Mini Composter

envirocycle mini composterAnd for something that looks slightly different then we have the always popular Envirocycle mini composter. This is a very easy to use system and makes compost extremely quickly.

This is by far our favorite in terms of ease of use. The specialist rollers in the base make spinning it a totally stress free affair. You need no strength or pwoere, ther rollers do all the work for you.

You can even spin it with a single finger, the rollers work that well!

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But if you want a small compost tumbler that really has the wow factor then a smaller version of the ecomposter is perfect.

CompoSpin Composter

compospinThe CompoSpin looks more like garden sculpture than anything else and it is certainly just about perfect for anyone who only wants to make a limited amount of compost.

A great low price makes this a cheap compost tumbler small enough for any size of garden.

If it is aesthetics that you are after then we can’t recommend anything else. With the CompoSpin composter you won’t need to be hiding it behind a bush or hedge. In fact we have seen people complementing owners on the sculpture in their garden, they never even realized it was a composter!

CompoSpin Price and Details

If you do want a small compost tumbler then either of these models should suit you perfectly. There are also many other options that you can view by clicking any link for these three small composters, and the low prices make them more than affordable.

Whatever you decide on one thing is for sure, you are going to make a very high quality of compost with these small compost tumblers. The CompoSpin link above takes you to amazon since they offer great prices on this, and many other compost tumblers.

Picking A Small Compost Tumbler

If you want a cheap small composter then simply make sure that it is going to be easy to use. We always recommend that you know your strengths. Not all of us are able to manage something that may get weighed down at the base. Or something that requires us to dig out the compsot. Think about the design and how easy it will be to use. It will save you making the wrong decision in the long run.