In the Achla spinning composter reviews article we looked at what we felt was the best compost tumbler for those who want to make compost in the easiest possible manner. We recommended this because the horizontal models are far superior in our opinion.

But we completely overlooked the Mantis dual chamber composter, or its equivalent the ComposTumbler two chamber compost tumbler for sale. Officially known as the ComposTumbler 2 209 gallon compost tumbler. That is a serious size for a serious amount of composting. Partly because we maybe keep too much of an eye on budget, and partly because, well, we forgot! Sorry about that. So, let’s get on with a look at what actually may be a preferable choice if you have the room for a larger model and also really want to make compost in absolute record time.  See our best large compost tumbler guide for other top picks too. You can see all the prices and read customer reviews via the link below.

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The fact is that the Mantis two chamber compost tumbler comes in and out of stock but the same model is also available by the ComposTumbler company. There is hardly any difference in what we get and the name it goes under is ComposTumbler2 209 gallon compost tumbler. Whichever one is in stock at the present time, you can rest assured that the same high build quality applies to both models.

Why A Two Chamber Compost Tumbler

Mantis Dual ChamberThe fact is that we know that compost tumblers can make compost in a matter of weeks but we also need to be aware that once they are full we need to wait before we can use them. This is where the dual chamber composter comes in to its own. As the one chamber is busy making us the best possible compost then we can still be adding to the other chamber to ensure that we get a very ready supply of compost as and when we need it.

They may not be the absolute cheapest tumbler compost bins available but they are one of the best to use if we have the space. Although our other option is actually to buy two Achla’s, and this is a cheaper option if we have the room for such a set up.

Either way, we are sorry for not mentioning this great composter, and we do hope that you think about using such a model if you have the room. It is about the best possible way to ensure that you get a totally continuous supply of ready to use compost to make those veggies and plants the best in the neighbourhood.