The best worm composter has to be the Worm Factory 360.  If we are perfectly honest a worm farm is pretty much a worm factory bin.  Read our worm composter reviews article for information on this brilliant worm composter:

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The key ingredients are what you put into it and the worms themselves.  Keep those worms happy and you could use just about anything.  But for the money, the Worm Factory 360 provides a standard 4 tier system that is easy to install and comes with everything you need to get started (including a DVD).

Managing a worm factory is not difficult but it does take some getting used to, so buying a worm composter that provides you with all the know how to get happy worms and therefore lovely rich compost, is certainly a good idea.

The Worm Factory 360 Reviews

worm factory 360The Worm Factory can be expanded with up to another four trays, resulting in the largest worm composter available (a whopping eight trays high).  To get started though you don’t need to worry about extra trays.  It will take your worms a little while to get settled and multiply to the point where they need additional space (and then only if you have enough waste food too).  In fact the this worm composter will easily accomodate between 8000 and 12,000 worms who will happily eat their way through 5 to 8lbs of food per week.  Once the worms settle in, they reproduce only in line with the volume of food available. This makes the system completely self-sustaining and you should not have to worry about buying new worms in the future.

With a spigot at the base you get to collect worm tea.  This is just the waste liquid processed by the worms themselves and contains valuable nutrients from the waste you have put in the composter.  Dilute it and feed to your plants as a rich organic fertilizer or foliar spray.  You could use it on the lawn too, just don’t use it neat as it will be too rich for most plants.

Worm Factory 360 Design

Because the Worm Factory is a self contained from of home composting system you can put it just about anywhere.  They are increasingly popular for apartment dwellers with no outside space to speak of, but will be perfectly happy in a garage, or indeed out of doors.  Allowing those without gardens to recycle their food waste, card and paper is a great step forward in reducing the organic waste currently sent to landfill, and will certainly reduce carbon emissions too.

The Worm Factory 360 is a US made item produced from recycled food-grade plastics.  So before you even start composting you are already helping the environment!  With a twenty year warranty and an expected life-span of at least thirty years this is one high quality environmentally friendly tool for any gardener.

One of the reasons such a worm farm is so much easier and more efficient than say a homemade version is the ventilation system.  Fresh air is continually drawn in from all four sides of the composter.  This air percolates up through the worms and eventually the warmer air escapes through the top.  This keeps the worms happy, with lots of cool fresh air, and the compost itself degrading quickly.  This reduces the chance of any odor or poor decomposition clumps (a problem that can occur in static compost bins from time to time, if not managed correctly).

Worm Factory Kit

Included with the Worm Factory 360 is a complete worm farm kit to get you started.   As well as an instruction DVD is a 16 page illustrated instruction manual, coir  brick, worm bedding, hand rake, thermometer and scraper.  It is a really nifty pack for anyone new to vermiculture (worm composting) as the system can seem a little daunting at first.

They key is not to worry too much.  The worms will do their best to survive and keep on making compost for you, no matter what.  But in the the initial ‘setting up’ period it is a good idea to not over-fill the farm with new material, and wherever possible to break it up into the smallest pieces possible.  This just gives the material a quick start in being broken down by helpful microbes whilst the worms are growing in number.

You can read customer reviews of the Worm Factory 360 here and more about worm composters on offer via the link.  As you can see customers are very happy with the product itself.  Most negative issues are more concerned with the actual process of worm composting.  If you want a more hands off approach to home composting and do not want to think about the needs of a try of worms you need an Earthmaker Aerobic Composter instead!  Worm Farms do require a little thought.  They don’t require much effort or time, but must be attended to relatively regularly and you should consider this before buying one.

The Worm Factory 360 is a great way to start worm composting even if you know nothing about worm composters.  You just need to take note of what can and cannot be fed to the worms (which is printed on the lid as a nifty reminder) and they will get to work for you.  And, as much as we love gardening it is nice to know that the worms move up through the composter to reach new food leaving behind fully broken down compost in the bottom tray, so when it comes to emptying out your new organic compost you don’t have to try and move the worms out of the way to get to it!