If vermiculture or composting with worms appeals you need a good quality worm composter.  One of the most popular makes is the Worm Factory.  This has the smallest foot-print for the amount of space available for food and worms.  So if you are tight on space, or simply don’t want anything too large this wins out, when compared to the previously reviewed Worm Factory 360.

Worm Factory – Click for Full Range

This easy to assemble worm farm comes in 3, 4 or 5 tray options, and 3 colorways. You can view them all at amazon via the link above.  Each one has an additional bottom tray to collect worm tea that can be drained from the spigot and used as the best natural fertilizer for your plants and crops.

Worm Factory DS

worm factory dsWhilst composting with worms can easily be achieved through more “home-made” routes, the Worm Factory is ideal for those new to the system, as everything you need to get started is included in the pack.  We particularly like the “quick tips” lid that reminds the entire family what can and cannot go inside to feed the worms.  Vermiculture is simple, easy and odour free if carried out correctly, but feeding the wrong things can be problematic so a quick reminder is always useful.

The compact design (of only 16″ x 16″ x 21″ for a 3 tray system, 3.5″ higher for each tray added) makes this one of our favorite indoor composters around.  You can build the bin up to seven trays high if needed.  But for starters the three tier option seems suited to most families.

The concept is pretty straightforward.  Add some food and worms to the lowest tray and then once full, start adding food to the next.  The worms will work their way upwards following the food source, and allowing you to easily get at the valuable worm castings left behind in the lower trays.

Liquid drains through the whole system, taking nutrients with it and collecting in the bottom tray that includes a spigot for you to drain it off as needed.

The base, lids and trays are all made from post consumer recycled plastic so buying a Worm Factory is pretty green if you cannot quite face building your own.  The design comes in black, terracotta or green and additional trays are available in all three colors too.

Because the worms will continue to thrive in temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees many of us can site the Worm Factory inside or out (though out of the rain of course) and get great garden compost year round.  Vermiculture is simple, but you do need to spend a little time getting to understand the basics.

A help guide is included with this particular model and there is plenty of useful material available.  Simple tips such as adding shredded paper or card if things are looking a little damp will quickly become second nature. You can also see our indoor composting article for other ways to make compost indoors, although they are not as much fun as worm composters like the worm factory DS.